Lentil Soup


Chicken Soup




Chickpeas puree with sesame paste, lemon juice & olive oil

Hommos Beiruty


Chickpeas purée with sesame paste, parsley, olive oil a hint of garlic & chilli



Grilled aubergines purée mixed with sesame paste & lemon juice



Parsley, tomatoes, lemon juice, mint, onions, crushed wheat & olive oil

Warak Enab B'Zeit (Vine Leaves)


Filled with rice, parsley, tomatoes, onions, lemon, & olive oil



Strained yoghurt served with olive oil



Mixed Mediterranean pickles



Puree of lentil & rice topped with fried onions

Loubieh B'Zeit


French beans cooked with tomatoes, onions, garlic, coriander and olive oil

Bamie B'Zeit


Ohra cooked with coriander tomato, garlic, onion & olive oil



Grilled aubergine with tomato. onion, parsley, garlic & mint, green & red pepper



Mediterranean mixed spicy nuts crushed, with olive oil

Hommos Shawarma (Lamb or Chicken)


Hommos topped with thin slices of lamb or chicken shawarma.

Hommos Awarma (Lamb)


Hommos topped with diced marinated lamb.

Kibbeh Shamieh


Deep fried lamb meatballs mixed with cracked wheat, filled with minced meat & onions.

Falafel (Deep Fried)


Croquettes of chickpeas, beans, fine spices served with sesame paste tahini

Foul Moudamas


Boiled broad beans seasoned with lemon juice, olive oil & garlic.

Batata Harra


Cubes of potatoes sauteed with garlic, coriander, peppers & chilli

Halloumi Cheese


Meditteranean grilled cheese



Marinated chicken wings grilled served with garlic sauce



Home-made Lebanese spicy sausages sauteed with tomato & lemon juice

Chicken Liver


Marinated chicken liver sautéed with lemon, garlic, coriander & spices

Samaka Harra


Baked fish mixed with spicy vegetable sauce



Deep fried squid rings

Sambousek Cheese


Lebanese pastry filled with Feta cheese

Sambousek Lamb


Lebanese pastry filled with minced lamb

Fatayer Spinach


Lebanese pastry filled with spinach, onions, lemon, olive oil

Jeitta Kellaj


Halloumi cheese grilled on Lebanese bread

Jeitta Arayes


Lebanese bread filled with seasoned mint lamb


Jeitta Salad


Tomatoes. lettuce, cucumber; peppers, mint, radish, onion, thyme, parsley, lemon, chilli & olive oil dressing

Lebanese Spicy Salad


Tomatoes, lettuce, cucumber, peppers, mint, radish, onion, thyme, parsley, lemon, chilli & olive oil dressing



Tomatoes, lettuce, cucumber, peppers, mint, radish, sumac, parsley, lemon, olive oil dressing. Toasted Lebanese bread

Feta Cheese Salad


Feta cheese, tomatoes, spring onions, herbs, rocket, lemon, black olive & olive oil

Cucumber Salad


Yoghurt with finely cucumber & dried mint

Fresh home-made food

Lahem Meshwi


Charcoal-grilled tender cubes of specially prepared lamb served with rice

Shish Taouk


Charcoal-grilled marinated chicken cubes served with rice

Kafta Meshwi


Charcoal-grilled seasoned minced lamb, onions & parsley served with rice

Mixed Grills


Seasoned minced lamb, lamb cubes & chicken cube served with rice

Kafta Khosh-Khash


Charcoal-grilled skewers of minced lamb served on a bed of spicy sauce & rice

Kastaleta Ghanam (Lamb cutlets)


Specially prepared lamb cutlets grilled served with chips

Farrouj Meshwi


Boneless baby chicken grilled on charcoal served with rice

Roasted Chicken


Roasted chicken marinated in garlic, lemon & special spices served with lamb rice, gravy sauce, topped with nuts

Roasted Lamb (Lamb Shanks)


Braised shank of lamb marinated in special herbs & spices served with seasoned rice

Touwayeh (Chicken)


Cubes of chicken cooked with mixed vegetables served with rice

Touwayeh (Lamb)


Cubes of lamb cooked with mixed vegetables served with rice

Loubieh Bilahem


French beans cooked with lamb, tomatoes, onions served with rice

Bamia Bilahem


Okra cooked with lamb, coriander, garlic, tomatoes, onion served with rice

Kibbeh B'saynieh


Minced lamb mixed with spices & cracked wheat, filled with sautéed minced meat, pine kernels & onion served with cucumber salad

Shawarma Lamb


Roasted thin slices of marinated lamb served with rice

Shawarma Chicken


Roasted thin slices of marinated chicken served with rice

Shawarma Mix (Lamb & Chicken)


Roasted thin slices of marinated lamb & chicken served with rice

Sea Bass


Fillet of sea bass grilled served with rice, vegetables & tahini sauce (Tarator).

King Prawns


Fresh King prawns, marinated, grilled served with rice & vegetables.



Flaked fillet freshly cooked served on a bed of flavoured rice with tahini sauce (Tarator).

Vegetarian Main Courses

Loubieh with Rice


French beans cooked with tomatoes, onions, garlic, coriander and olive oil served with rice

Mousakaa B'Zeit with Rice


Aubergines cooked with chickpeas, tomatoes, onions, garlic, green & red peppers, olive oil served with rice

Bamia B'Zeit with Rice


Okra cooked with coriander, garlic, tomatoes, onions & olive oil served with rice


Assorted Baklawa




Milk Pudding



Granulated pastry on melted cheese served warm with syrup